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2017 Election for UPTE CWA 9119 Systemwide Officers

The ballot by random draw will be as follows:

Jelger Kalmijn
Jamie McDole

Executive Vice President:
Stephen Balke
Dan Russell

Ron Paquette
Shanna Vela

Offices of Vice President and Secretary are unchallenged.

Vice President:
Joaquin Chavez

Fernando Martinez

Please view candidates statements and messages below.


Jelger Kalmijn - Current President of UPTE-CWA
Message #8 from Jelger
Message #7 from Jelger
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Message #4 from Jelger
Message #3 from Jelger
Message #2 from Jelger
Message #1 from Jelger

"I have served the members of UPTE as President from a beginning of 700 members to a powerful union of 16,000.

I led our organizing efforts for TX, RX, HX, IT workers, Skilled Trades and Community College adjunct faculty.

Our union must continue to grow to remain strong.

Under my leadership UPTE has won groundbreaking contracts

  • raises exceeding non-union workers by 25% and more
  • protecting pensions when many others have lost theirs
  • conversion of 1000’s to career status
  • increasing office hours for community college
  • protecting pensions and rights at DOE labs
  • improvements in health and safety

Now UC and Community Colleges propose inadequate pay. UC wants to undermine our pension.

With my experience and all our member activism we can win again!

With leaders from all campuses I led the construction of a member-run, democratic union

  • Local leadership boards
  • Communications and tracking connecting all members
  • Staffing to build local leadership and democracy
  • Training programs from organizing to stewarding

I have advocated for our interests to our national union and labor community.

We have created mutually beneficial relations that helped settle our contracts and win our unionization efforts."


Jamie McDole - Current Vice President of UPTE-CWA
Message #5 from Jamie
Message #4 from Jamie
Message #3 from Jamie
Message #2 from Jamie
Message #1 from Jamie

"I am honored to be nominated for President of UPTE-CWA 9119. I have been a case manager at UC Davis Medical Center since 2008.  I first started with UPTE in 2011 as bargainer for the healthcare contract within months of my job title becoming represented. I now am chief negotiator for all three UC contracts and am working hard to improve the terms within the contract, maintain the pension and win solid wage increases to keep us all at market wages. I was elected Vice President in 2014 and have worked hard these last three years to improve working conditions for all represented members. I want UPTE to build strong membership, increase active participation and better utilize resources from our national union as we move forward in uncertain times."


  • UPTE Systemwide Vice President (2014-Present)
  • UPTE Chief Negotiator: RxTxHx Contracts (2017-Present)
  • UPTE Hx Bargainer (2011-2013)
  • Davis Local Member at Large (2016-Present)
  • Davis Local President (2014-2016)
  • Davis Local VicePresident (2012-2014)
  • CWA National Convention Delegate (2017, 2015, 2013, 2011)
  • CWA Human Rights Conference Delegate (2016)
  • CWA Public Health & Education Workers Conference Delegate (2014, 2017)
  • CWA District 9 Women’s Committee Co-Chair (2016-Present)
  • District 9 Conference Delegate (2015-2017)
  • CWA Infectious Disease Trainer (2016-Present)


Executive Vice President:

Stephen Balke

Stephen Balke is currently the elected Representative of SPSE-UPTE Local 11 at LLNL to the Systemwide E-Board. He has worked as an electrician at LLNL for the past 14 years and has been an active leader in UPTE since 2009, including: Assistant Chief Bargainer for the Skilled Trades Unit contract bargaining; Chief Bargainer for the LLNL Apprenticeship Program; a member of the UPTE bargaining team for contract negotiations with the staff union; spearheading the UPTE effort with the US Department of Labor on violations of the Davis-Bacon Act at the Labs; participation in membership blitzes at SF and Berkeley; leading workshops at UPTE Conventions on health and safety and mobilizing; and active involvement in caucus work.

As UPTE Executive Vice President (EVP) Steve will focus on continuing the Labs de-privatization campaign, improving the integration of the Skilled Trades Unit into the UPTE structure, assuring adequate support for SSP organizing, and strengthening the RX/TX/HX bargaining positions on retirement benefits. The combination of Steve’s broad experience and his vision for the future makes him ideally suited to fill the role of UPTE EVP.  I hope you agree, and will cast your ballot for Stephen Balke for EVP.


Dan Russell
Message #1 from Dan

"I was hired at UC Berkeley in July 2012 and joined UPTE in January 2013, as soon as I found out that I could become a member. I was thrilled to be part of a union but intimidated by the task of organizing a new bargaining unit for Administrative Professionals. I formed an Organizing Committee on multiple occasions but was frustrated by the lack of direction and support that we received from UPTE leadership. In late 2015 it was announced that more than a dozen layoffs would be facing my department and I organized meetings and a petition to fight back - the first union action in Berkeley’s new ‘Campus Shared Services’ department. In June of 2017 I organized the first collective action of Business Technology Support Analysts (BTSAs) as we were ‘accreted’ into the Technical Unit; bringing 10 co-workers out to a ‘Staff Appreciation Week’ event to highlight pay inequity. Meanwhile I became a Steward, joined the Local 1 Executive Board, Systemwide AP Organizing Committee, Systemwide Executive Board, and eventually became Local 1 President. I also became a bargainer for BTSAs and then for the RX/TX contract.

"I am running for Executive Vice President because I have worked to build our members’ power as Local 1 President but have not received the support needed from our systemwide leadership. With the Supreme Court set to end ‘fair share’ fees in 2018, we need to build power to improve the lives of our members - not just maintain the status quo. We need mobilizing power to win raises for all members that actually keep up with the cost of living, longevity step increases to reward our dedication to our employers, and pay scales that match -- if not set -- industry standards. We need power in the workplace to stand up to unfair managers and the constant pressures of over-work and under-staffing. We need political power with our labor and community allies to address issues that affect all working people, such as the cost of education, healthcare and housing. We need to grow our power by organizing the unorganized. I helped bring together our ‘New Vision for UPTE’ slate because I believe that we can do these things with a new leadership team who is dedicated to building a network of leaders in every worksite. Visit anewvisionforupte.org to find out more!"



Ron Paquette

Mr. Paquette has more than twenty years of accounting experience with Hyatt Hotels, the Texas State Comptroller’s Office, Mt San Jacinto College, and the Los Angeles Community College District.  In addition to his accounting experience Ron was an independent real estate appraiser for ten years and currently is a licensed real estate broker with the Southwest Riverside County Association of Realtors.  Mr. Paquette is also an adjunct college instructor teaching in the areas of business, accounting, marketing, and business law.  He regularly teaches at Mt. San Jacinto College, Cerritos College, and UC Riverside Extension.  He is a real estate investor and co-owner of several family-owned businesses in the Inland Empire.  Ron’s education includes an MBA from Cal Poly Pomona, a master’s degree in Higher Education Administration and Policy from UC Riverside, and a bachelor’s degree in Business Economics from UC Santa Barbara.   He is affiliated with numerous professional associations including the National Contracts Management Association, the California Business Education Association, the California Association of Realtors, and others. 

"I’m a proud member of UPTE-CWA LOCAL 9119 and would be honored to serve as your Treasurer.  I have more than twenty years of accounting experience in both the public and private sectors and have held titles of accounting manager (LACCD), assistant controller (Hyatt Hotels), and associate dean of business services (MSJC).  In addition, I have served on financial committees, and I have taught business and accounting courses for Mt San Jacinto College, Cerritos College, and UC Riverside Extension.  If elected I pledge to utilize my accounting experience and financial knowledge to manage the union’s day-to-day financial activities, maintain accurate records & reconciliations, create transparent financial reports, and manage the union’s financial assets in a fiscally sound manner that supports our mission and objectives.  Thank you for your vote of confidence." -Ron Paquette, MBA, M.Ed.


Shanna Vela

"It’s an honor to accept the nomination of Systemwide Treasurer for UPTE-CWA 9119. As your current treasurer, I am pleased with the direction we are moving and the successes we have had over the years. My vision for the UPTE Treasurer position is to continue to remain fiscally sound and to build on the foundation we have established as a strong local.  I will be attentive and accountable to the financial needs of our organization as well as implement changes to be strategic with our budget as we face the immanent fiscal changes with the loss of fair share upon us."


  • UPTE Systemwide Treasurer (2016-Present)
  • UPTE Finance Committee Member (2016-Present)
  • UPTE Credentials Committee Chair (2017-Present)
  • UPTE Chief Negotiator: US Contract (2017-Present)
  • Local 12 PFA Bargainer (2015-2018)
  • Systemwide Executive Board: Table Officer (2016-Present)
  • Systemwide Executive Board: Local 12 PFA representative (2015-2016)
  • UPTE-PFA Local 12 Governing Board (2014-Present)
  • CWA National Convention Delegate (2017)
  • CWA Human Rights Conference Delegate (2016)
  • CWA Public Health & Education Workers Conference Delegate (2017)
  • UPTE & District 9 Women’s Committee (2016-Present)
  • District 9 Conference Delegate (2015, 2016, 2017)
  • UPTE Academy:

    • Know Your Rights (Trainer)
    • Stewarding (Trainer)
    • Organizing Institute
    • Bargaining
    • Mobilizing
    • Media and Student Debt Clinic


Vice President:

Joaquin Chavez

Joaquin is a UC Davis alumnus who has spent the last decade fighting for justice for workers and our communities. He co-led a minimum wage campaign in Davis that helped create the wave for our statewide wage law's passage. He has spent much of the last four years in the work of internally organizing UPTE to make a stronger union. This is some of his history in our union:

UPTE Davis Local 6 executive board (2013-present) and Vice President (2014-2016).

Current Davis Local President (2016-present), during which time the local has powerfully increased its level of organization and solidarity, with a full 13-member executive board and PAF enrollment well over double the systemwide average.

Three years on the systemwide executive board (2014-present).

Three years on the executive board of the Sacramento Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO (2014-present), representing 170,000 union members from 90 unions in six California counties.

Elected delegate to the last two CWA National Conventions (2015-2017).

Organized and won campaign forcing UC Davis to create 13 new career Scene Technician positions, a 325% increase.
Elected bargainer to 2017 RX/TX contract negotiations.

CWA District 9 trainer for the Political Action Team program, schooled at the legendary Highlander Center in Tennessee.




Fernando Martinez

Prior to beginning my employment at UCLA, I worked as a union organizer in the public sector. That experience is one of the reasons why I was excited to join UPTE as an employee at the University of California. I joined UPTE to be a part of a democratic, member-run union that will fight for its members’ right to fair wages, benefits, and dignity in the workplace. Since becoming a member in 2014, I have served as a steward, Recording Secretary, and currently as Vice President for UCLA, Local 2. I also serve as a representative to the UPTE Systemwide Executive Board and the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor.

Having previously been both a represented member in the TX unit and now currently in an unrepresented job title, has allowed me to see the amount of work that still needs to be done to ensure that both our represented and unrepresented members can succeed in strengthening our union for the challenges that lie ahead. As Secretary, I will work with Systemwide and local leaders to build a strong organizing model for our UC campuses, Labs, and Community Colleges and develop new approaches where the current ones have led to slow member growth and lack of member participation. I will also work to increase involvement from all Locals and stakeholders in the decision-making process of our union to ensure everyone is heard and that we can build one loud powerful voice to advocate for our membership. It is only through a large and engaged membership and a united voice that we can win good contracts, protect our rights in the workplace, and win representation for Academic Professionals.

With the changing landscape ahead of us that is increasingly anti-union and anti-worker it is more important than ever that we bring new leadership to UPTE that is willing to confront challenges head on and work to build a new structure to organize and mobilize our members where the current one has failed.



UPTE-CWA 9119  |  P.O. Box 4443, Berkeley, CA 94704 | 510.704.8783  |  info@upte-cwa.org