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Our Political Action Fund (PAF) helps win ballot initiatives and elect legislators. With our dues,
we bargain. With PAF, we change Sacramento and Washington, DC.

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Your PAF contribution:

  • Is supporting Proposition 55 to fund California’s educational system.
  • Is supporting Higher Education champion Mae Torlakson for Assembly District 14
  • Is supporting Higher Education champion Nancy Skinner for Senate District 9

More goals for the future!

  • Prioritize higher education funding in state budget.
  • Pass Proposition 55 to raise revenue for public schools.
  • Pass legislation to improve members’ working conditions
  • Ensure accountability at national labs.
  • Pass Proposition 13 commercial property tax reform

What have we won?

  • Elected Jose Medina (D-Riverside), chair, Assembly Higher Education Committee.
  • Elected Eric Swalwell (D-Alameda County) to Congress, from the district that contains Lawrence Livermore National Lab.
  • Won additional funds for community college adjunct faculty office hours,
    UC pensions.
  • Put in place audits & accountability investigations of UC and UC-run DOE labs.
  • Settled contracts at the Lawrence Livermore National Lab.
  • Filled vacant seats on the National Labor Relations Board.
  • Helped create national debate on the Trans Pacific Partnership.
YES, I’ll contribute! Fill out this form, scan/take a picture and email to membership@upte-cwa.org or hand in to a local UPTE activist.

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