May 15: Settle our contract now!
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Dear Coworkers:

Whether you are most concerned about fair wages, retirement security or your working conditions (or all three!), you are probably ready for UC to settle our contracts now.

Next Wednesday, May 15th, UPTE members are going to send that message to CEOs at the Medical Centers – and we need you to be there.

Join us by clicking - Yes, I’ll be there!

Last week in Irvine the UPTE Research (RX) and Technical (TX) unit bargaining team made essentially the same comprehensive proposal for fair wages and retirement security as was made for UPTE HX.

Given that HX is so much further along in the bargaining process, we are all still focused (for now) on the settlement of that contract.

But, UC is obviously not taking our comprehensive proposal on wages and benefits seriously.  At the last UPTE HX bargaining session, their chief negotiator made it sound like we haven’t even considered the financial health of the pension fund.  Really?

Our proposals for RX/TX and HX contain adequate contributions from UC and employees to stabilize the pension fund financially. They are based on an independent actuary report, which shows that if UC really wants to bring down costs it can do so without adding a lower tier of retirement benefits.

On May 15th tell the CEOs that you are concerned about the financial health of your retirement benefits and that you support the proposal of 44,000 UC workers represented by UPTE, AFSCME and CNA to maintain a single tier.

Tell UC and the CEOs that you want a single tier of benefits by clicking - Yes, I’ll be there!

Our proposals on wages for RX/TX and HX contained an annual cost of living increase for everyone plus a 2% step increase those on steps. But, UC basically won’t even consider our proposals for fair wages until we agree to their retirement proposals.

Our bargaining team will not agree to settle a contract at the bargaining table without fair wages, secure retirement and reasonable working conditions.

We will be back at the bargaining table soon. We need all members to participate in actions such as May 15th to show our resolve.

For fair wages, join us on May 15th by clicking – Yes, I’ll be there!

In Solidarity,
UPTE Mobilizing Team