We're ready to strike in solidarity!

Why am I getting emails that have "MALICIOUS" links included?

None of the links in UPTE emails are malicious. They all redirect to the UPTE website. We believe UC is playing tactical and marking these links as "MALICIOUS" and removing them to divert information about the strike from UPTE members.

Why are we striking in solidarity with AFSCME's service unit?

UC refuses to bring AFSCME the kind of contract that they deserve and all front-line workers need to stand with one another to make sure that none of us are left behind. We are very familiar with having to fight for the same issues – fair wages, a secure retirement and staffing levels and other conditions that promote quality research, education, and patient care. Any unit winning a good contract will set a pattern that other units will follow.

When is UPTE striking in solidarity?

UPTE members will join AFSCME's strike on Tuesday, May 8th and Wednesday, May 9th. No UPTE members should report to work between 4am Tuesday, May 8th and 4am on Thursday, May 10th except for essential healthcare personnel that UPTE will notify.

Why are we waiting to strike on Tuesday when AFSCME is striking for three days?

We concentrate our forces on the second day to escalate the pressure on UC within the strike. We are coordinating with AFSCME - they appreciate our support and understand that we will not be participating on Monday.

What about Monday?

We did NOT notify the University that we would be striking on Monday because we want to concentrate our resources starting on Tuesday. YOU MUST REPORT TO WORK ON MONDAY if you are scheduled to work!

Are we legally protected in a sympathy strike?

Yes, the law protects you from any kind of retaliation for not working during a sympathy strike. UC will try to intimidate you and claim the strike is illegal. Our legal team will be working to ensure that patients are safe and our strike is entirely within the law, as they have in previous strikes.

Wouldn’t a strike hurt those whom we are dedicated to serving?

UC's proposals to AFSCME will only worsen chronically high workloads and under-staffing; which harm patients, research, and students every day. A strike will pressure UC to resolve these issues - and UC can avoid a strike by making a proposal that would address them immediately.

UPTE has provided UC notice 10 days before the strike so that UC hospitals can make contingency plans, including reducing patient census and negotiating to keep a small number of staff deemed essential on duty. We are creating a Patient Protection Task Force that will be available to respond to any unforeseen emergent staffing need. Should a major emergency occur, members will be directed to immediately return to work.

How should I respond if my supervisor asks me if I am going on strike or if I am going to come to work during the strike?

You don’t need to answer if you don’t want to. You should not sign anything from management about whether or not you plan to strike and instead should contact UPTE right away.

What should I do during a strike?

Instead of going to work, join us on the picket line and encourage your coworkers to do the same. We will not block doors, stop students, patients, visitors, staff, etc., from entering buildings.

Does UPTE have strike benefits?

UPTE has a strike fund and provides a benefit for strike participation of $60/day. You must be on the line for 4 hours.

Will I be fined if I cross the picket line?

UPTE does not have a policy of fining members who cross picket lines. However, for a successful strike, we need you to participate!

Can management retaliate for participation in the strike?

No, but they may try. That is against the law and we will protect you every step of the way. Any strike initiated by this union will be legal. Any retaliation by UC will be illegal and fought against.

Where will the strike take place?

Picket lines will be set up at all UC campuses and medical centers. Main picket lines will be at the following locations below. Check with your local for additional information.

UC Berkeley: 2495 Bancroft Way, Berkeley
UC Davis: Hutchinson Drive at La Rue Rd., Davis
UCD Med Center: 2315 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento
UC Irvine: 1063 W. Peltason Dr., Irvine
UCI Med Center: 101 The City Drive S, Orange
UC Los Angeles: 308 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles
UCLA Ronald Reagan Med Center: 757 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles
UCLA Santa Monica Hospital: 1250 16th St., Santa Monica
UC Merced: 2997 E. Bellevue Rd., Merced
UC Riverside: 900 University Ave., Riverside
UC Santa Barbara: 522 University Rd. @ Storke Tower, Santa Barbara
UC Santa Cruz: 1156 High Street, Santa Cruz
UC San Diego: Myers Dr. & Rupertus Ln., San Diego
UCSD Hillcrest Med Center: 200 W. Arbor Dr., San Diego
UCSD La Jolla Med Center: 9300 Campus Point Dr., La Jolla
UCSF Medical Center Parnassus: 505 Parnassus Ave., San Francisco
UCSF Medical Center Mission Bay: 1825 4th St., San Francisco

You may sign up at our Picket Shifts page here: http://www.upte.org/local/picket-shifts/


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