UPTE Officers' Report

Welcome to the first report from your newly elected officers.

February 24 National Day of Action
In late February, the Supreme Court begins hearing Janus v. AFSCME, a case that could usher in "right to work (for less)" for all public sector employees. It is another attempt by big money interests to weaken our unions. Their goal is to silence our collective voice by making it harder for working people to come together in unions.

The case threatens our ability to bargain collectively, to fight for a living wage and good benefits, and it cuts at the very future of our union. If the case’s powerful backers, such as the Koch brothers, get their way, everything we've fought for and won for our families and our communities will be at risk.

We must stick together, no matter what the Supreme Court decides. No one can take our power if we stand united in our unions.

If you live in Southern California, you need to be heard. Join fellow union members, community organizations, elected officials, and the leaders from across San Diego for a massive display of unity and power. (More rallies in California may be announced – check locations here. See Fighting Janus for more on the legal case).

Together, we can protect all we've fought so hard to build: living wages, health care, workplace protections, secure retirement and a voice in our workplace.

Convention Center Park • East Harbor Dr. and Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101

UPTE Boot Camps
With this looming threat against unions pending on the Supreme Court, UPTE's number one focus is to speak with our members about why you should support your union and how that benefits you.

To do that work, we need to better train activists to speak with their coworkers. Membership “boot camps” are being rolled out. The first is happening this week in Berkeley with a second happening in Southern California February 15-16.

This two-day intensive training will provide a better understanding of the threat against worker's rights, and teach the skills to engage with others. If you didn't sign up, more will be coming, as well as a short version in the very near future. Contact myself or your local office if you want to participate.

February 1 Solidarity Action UC Merced members demonstrate
UPTE members across the state showed up in force along with those from AFSCME and CNA on February 1 to tell UC that we will not take cuts to our retirement. Photos and video clips from all campuses are on UPTE’s Facebook page.

We will not take their proposed wage increase that does not even keep pace with the cost of living, let alone address the fact that many titles are critically under market, not allowing for recruitment and retention. We will not work mandatory overtime, without guaranteed breaks between shifts, without a shift differential. These are the things UC is pushing in bargaining.

This is the first solidarity action and there will be more to come. If we want to fight the cuts UC is proposing for our pension, we are stronger together with our coalition partners. A cut to one is a cut to all.

Your officers,
Jamie McDole (President), Dan Russell (Executive Vice President), Joaquin Chavez (Vice President), Shanna Vela (Treasurer), Fernando Martinez (Secretary)

UPTE-CWA 9119 | P.O. Box 4443, Berkeley, CA 94704 | 510-704-8783 | info@upte-cwa.org