Do it Now: Urge The Governor To Sign the UPTE bill AB 848 to stop off-shoring of our UC jobs

We are at the last step to make it illegal to ship our jobs offshore. We need Governor Browns’ signature. He can decide at any minute in the next 2 weeks so don’t delay in sending your letter. It is easy:

  • Go to the Governor’s website, click “have comment” and fill in your name and email address

  • Select “Legislation issues/concerns”

  • Check position: “Pro”

  • Paste in this message (or create your own) and “send email”

Please sign AB 848 into law
Dear Governor Brown,
AB 848 will stop the offshoring of University of California and California State University jobs With AB 848, neither the University of California nor the California State University may contract for services unless that contractor certifies that the work will be performed with workers within the United States, or they must identify which work is offshored. If any of the work is offshored, the UC or the CSU may not displace an employee doing that same work. Neither the University of California nor the California State University may train contract employees located in foreign countries, or train contract employees that plan to relocate to a foreign country as part of the contract.
In 2004 the University of California San Francisco offshored its medical transcription services to a company in Pakistan. The contractor did not believe she was paid fairly, and threatened to release all of the private medical data onto the open web if she did not get what she wanted. Luckily the dispute was resolved without incident.
In July of 2016 the University of California San Francisco offshored 17% of its IT services to a company called HCL – a contracting company out of India. The workers were given a lay off date of February 28th 2017, and were told that they were going to have to train their own replacements.
Contractors and subcontractors are using taxpayer dollars to create jobs in foreign countries. State taxpayer funds should be used to create jobs in the United States and in California.
AB 848
•    Stops the UC and CSU from offshoring good paying, middle class jobs out of California
•    Stops the abuse of public funds whereby California tax payers money can go toward eroding the middle class within the state of California
•    Demands the investment in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) economies in California
•    Prevents HIPPA violations and other potential threats to patient data and patient care at UC Medical Centers
I strongly support AB 848 and urge your signature on this important legislation.


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