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For the week of September 21, 2009

Historic coordinated actions are planned this week at all UC campuses on Thursday, September 24, in defense of public higher education and in protest of the handling of the state budget shortfall by President Mark Yudof and the regents.

Over 1000 UC faculty have now signed the call to walk out on what will be the first day of classes at most campuses. Last week, the board of the Unversity of California Students Association, representing 220,000 undergraduates, unanimously endorsed the walkout and strike.

UPTE-CWA’s one-day unfair labor practice strike has been coordinated to happen the same day. Many in the UC community will be supporting the picket lines (check here for locations systemwide). Consider posting a strike/walkout flyer in your workplace.

Most campuses are having joint planning meetings that include all sectors of the UC community in preparation for September 24, like this one at UC Berkeley.

A member of the all Berkeley student/staff/faculty coalition, the Solidarity Alliance, put together this list of reasons to defend UC’s core missions of education, research and public service. Another faculty member put together this message to students on the reasons for the walkout.

UC alumni supporting the walkout have set up a Facebook page to reach out to their colleagues. State Senator Leland Yee has a new editorial in response to Yudof’s claims about the budget shortfall.

A UCD employee has created a database showing how UC’s threatened “temporary layoffs” of frontline staff could be avoided if Davis employees making over $100,000 could take a 1.3% pay cut, or an extra 3 furlough days. He also has some charts showing growing salary inequity at UC.

At last week’s regents meeting in San Francisco, 14 protestors – both employees and students – were arrested as they committed civil disobedience over the fee increases and employee furloughs. Curious about the status of UC’s unrestricted funds? Take a look at UCB professor Charles Schwartz’s responds to Yudof’s claims.

Students angry about Yudof’s proposed 32% fee hike are also using Facebook and Twitter to organize for the September 24 walkout. Some, such as the UC Movement for Efficient Privatization, are using satire to fight the cuts.

UCB professor George Lakoff has a new commentary out. He says he wrote it because he was "asked by colleagues to comment on the impending privatization of the University of California."

The UC walkout/strike has inspired a group at the University of Arizona, which faces similar privatization issues, to take action in solidarity with their UC colleagues on September 24.

Meanwhile, a new study out from UCLA’s Institute for Research on Labor and Employment finds that unionization has edged up 6% in the state this year. Much of the gain was from organizing in public-sector jobs and health care.

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