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For the Week of October 29, 2012

Yes on 30
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A state court judge has ruled that the University of California, which manages a $70 billion investment portfolio for retirees, must make “a good faith effort” to get and disclose the returns it earns from a venture capital firm, Kleiner and Sequoia. According to Businessweek, UC argued that “the information should remain secret because that’s what Kleiner and Sequoia want.”

 “Attention Californians: We need to pass Proposition 30.” That’s the message from Malinda Markowitz co-president of the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United writing today on Labor’s Edge. Prop. 30 would raise taxes people who make more than $250,000 to pay for public education and services. “With the latest polls showing a real tightening on the measure, let’s recall what is at stake,” she writes, calling the ballot measure an “effort to rebuild a humane society that has been gravely harmed by years of budget cuts.”

College and university students, who face tuition hikes of up to $2400 a year, may be the key to passing Prop. 30, according to Tyler Kingkade of the Huffington Post.

Facebook and Twitter have been buzzing with this message from California governor Jerry Brown, emphasizing the essential services its passage will restore. Share it widely. If you’d like to help in person, hook up with a labor-sponsored phone banks and precinct walks.

Want to see who’s endorsing what in next week’s election? Take a look at the California Choices website, which has a helpful overview of what positions the state’s non-profits, unions and newspapers have taken the confusing array of ballot initiatives.

Get a jump on next Tuesday’s election by voting early.  The AFL-CIO lists these 10 mostly humorous reasons to do it, including “once you vote early, the phone calls stop and no more candidates and volunteers knock on your door.”

Here’s a guide from the League of Women Voters on how to vote early in California, or find your polling place on election day.

The Communications Workers of American is sponsoring the national COSH Worker Health and Safety Conference from December 6-7 in Baltimore. If you have an interest in going, contact your UPTE local.


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