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For the Week of November 05, 2012

We’ll keep it brief this week so you can get out there and vote!

Yes on 30!
Photo: Lisa Kermish

Key among the items California voters will consider are Proposition 30, which will tax the wealthy to help support public education and public services. Without it, “trigger cuts” of $6 billion – including the University of California -- will go ahead, forcing devastating cuts across the state’s struggling system of public education. Proposition 30 is endorsed by a long list of educational, community, labor and public safety organizations. UPTE strongly urges a YES vote on Prop. 30.  

Another important measure on the state ballot is Proposition 32, a highly deceptive measure funded by millionaires and corporate PACs that would undermine working people’s voice in politics. UPTE strongly encourages you to vote NO on Prop. 32.

And this, just off the press, the San Francisco Chronicle reports that a secret $11 million donation to the “no” on Prop 30/”yes” on Prop 32 was given by a shadowy anti-union group called “Americans for Job Security.” California Fair’s Political Practices Commission has taken the group to court to find out who was behind it, and just yesterday, California’s Supreme Court ordered the group to turn over its records to regulators.

You can read more about both of these propositions in the latest UPTE Update

Also, check out endorsements from the California Federation of Labor and the AFL-CIO

UC Berkeley’s Institute for Governmental Studies is a good place to research any election issues, with its ballot proposition guides and an endorsement table, which shows you who is endorsing what.

If you need to know where your polling place, look it up at the California Secretary of State’s page, and then go there and celebrate democracy by voting. On Tuesday, Election Day, polls will be open from
7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

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