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For the Week of December 17, 2012

A new report issued by the California Legislative Analyst’s Office on faculty recruitment and retention at UC shows that, even in these years of budget and staffing cuts, UC has consistently been able to attract the country’s best academics, pay them well, and keep them. Faculty rarely quit to take another job. The San Francisco Chronicle noted that UC’s budget is $22.5 billion, $2.5 billion of which comes from the state. UC spends about $2 billion in salary and benefits for its faculty.

The New York Times reported that expansions of colleges and universities has led to an explosion of debt among institutions. As the charts show, the debt burden taken on by colleges and universities as a whole has more than doubled since 2000.

The new UC logo has been withdrawn after being greeted with almost universal derision and ridicule. Spoofs of the new logo included grafting the notorious UC Davis pepper-spray cop into the design. A snitty statement from UCOP about the change to this “piece of the visual identity system” managed to blame the media, reaffirm that UC is right and the critics wrong, and – with parental condescension – tell everyone that we would have all gotten used to it and even come to like it over time – all couched in the classic memo-speak for which UCOP is well-known.

If you're a UC administrative professional who’d like to send a clear and direct message to the regents, consider downloading and posting this poster calling for fair wages. UPTE delivered a petition of 1,400 names of APs to the regents at their November 15 meeting, asking for a modest raise to keep pace with inflation. For more information on how to make this happen, go to

All I want for the New Year is a fair pay raise...

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