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For the Week of January 28, 2013
Three UC unions are planning joint statewide contract actions on Thursday, January 31: AFSCME 3299, UPTE-CWA, and the California Nurses Association. UC wants to set up a two-tier system, with lower benefits for new hires, and also put half of current employees on the new retiree benefits tier – which pushes back the age for the maximum benefit 15 years. You’d have to wait until you are 65 to retire, when UC only has to supplement your Medicare benefits. Here’s a list of campus-by-campus actions planned for Thursday, and here’s a flyer you can distribute or post in your workplace.
UC president Mark Yudof has announced that he will be stepping down this summer to return to teaching law. Yudof’s resignation was covered in the San Francisco Chronicle, the Los Angeles Times, the Sacramento Bee, and many other publications. Nanette Asimov's article in the Chronicle notes that by leaving in August, Yudof has worked just 5 years, making him eligible for an extra $230,000 a year in addition to his pension. In his term as president, tuition at UC nearly doubled, workers were required to pay into a retirement system UC is still trying to degrade, and executive pay continued to climb.

Speech on social networking sites is protected even if your boss doesn't like it, the New York Times reports. The National Labor Relations Board has ruled that employers cannot take action against workers who post comments critical of their employer on Facebook and other social media. Employer bans against “disrespectful” or critical comments on social media, the NLRB ruled, are illegal if they discourage workers from exercising their right to communicate with one another with the aim of improving wages, benefits or working conditions. In particular, workers who use social media to discuss working conditions are engaging in “concerted activity” and are therefore protected under the National Labor Relations Act.

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