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For the Week of February 25, 2013

Over 1400 UC administrative professionals (APs) signed a petition last year asking for a fair raise -– especially in the wake of Proposition 30, which rolls back some of UC’s budget cuts. On February 15, UC’s out-going president, Mark Yudof said there would be no raises for unrepresented workers in the 2012-13 fiscal year. Let’s keep the pressure on the administration. Money can be made available. At UC Santa Barbara, Chancellor Yang is funding pay raises for unrepresented staff out of the Chancellor’s Discretionary Fund. We are circulating petitions to campus chancellors asking that they advocate for pay raises. Contact your local UPTE office to get a copy of the petition and circulate it among your co-workers.

While the best guarantee of a pay raise is having a union contract that negotiates regular pay increases, there are other avenues, such as reclassifications, equity increases and administrative stipends. UPTE is holding special “Wage Workshops” for APs to learn about these options. Check UPTE’s AP website for dates, times and places.
 UCSC administrative professional Scott Bates

The Monday Memo has reported previously on loopholes in the Obama health care plan that threaten coverage of students, according to the UC Student-Workers Union (UAW Local 5810). UC Irvine students protested last week, and UC Santa Cruz’s Health Center became the scene of a "sick picket", as protesters wearing masks over their mouths hobbled on crutches, receiving honks of support from cars and buses. Now Rep. Nancy Pelosi and nine other members of Congress are urging UC to lift the caps on student health insurance. The plight of one student, whose brain cancer treatment is threatened by the limit on coverage, is also prompting state Assemblymember and pediatrician Richard Pan to introduce legislation to close the loophole, as reported by KPFA news (2:51 audio file).

A related problem exists for UC’s post-doctoral researchers (also represented by UAW Local 2865): international post-docs are forced to pay for their own health care despite the fact that the union has negotiated a plan for them. The union says UC “has decided, in violation of the contract, to deny some international postdoctoral scholars the benefits to which they are entitled and that their lab mates receive,” and has started a petition change the situation.

State senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) has introduced legislation that would establish polling places at Cal State University and UC campuses. Yee’s intention is to increase the pool of active voters by making it easier for the 230,000 UC students and 420,000 CSU students to vote.

A UC San Francisco press release announced a collaboration between UC Berkeley, UCSF, and Stanford to “commercialize university research.” The effort is being funded by a $3.75 million grant from the National Science Foundation. “Our three universities are the source of so many ground-breaking discoveries” said UCB School of Business dean Rich Lyons, “and this grant will allow us to  . . .bring them to market.”

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