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For the Week of March 11, 2013

AFSCME Local 3299, representing UC’s service workers, is deadlocked in contract negotiations with UC and called for legislators to investigate a range of public interest issues at the university. Students and staff at UC Berkeley on Mar. 7 held a demonstration in support of the workers and a mock funeral to protest the demise of workers’ rights.

UC employees represented by UPTE-CWA are currently at the bargaining table, fighting the university’s attempt to transform UCRP into a two-tier plan and make dramatic changes to how workers qualify for retiree health care. Several UPTE activists describe why they oppose the plan in this new YouTube video from the union.

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Students from California’s public colleges and universities gathered at the state Capitol last week
to call for renewed support for public higher education, as reported by KPFA radio (3-minute audio).

Thousands of faculty members at Pennsylvania’s 14 state-owned campuses have approved a new union contract that grants them raises of between 3.5 to 7% over three years, according to the Associated Press.

UCSF chancellor Susan Desmond-Hellman has been elected to Facebook’s board of directors. In addition to serving as UCSF chancellor and now a Facebook director, she also serves on the board of directors for Proctor and Gamble, as well as a trustee for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Prior to coming to UCSF, she was the president for product development at the biotech company, Genentech.

Online education is growing, including “MOOCs” – massive open online courses -- and the Monday Memo has reported on UC’s own efforts to develop online instruction. One recent study casts doubt on the effectiveness of online education. The report, by Columbia University’s Community College Research Center, found that the performance of students online suffered compared to in-person instruction. In particular, “some struggled more than others to adapt: males, younger students, Black students, and students with lower grade point averages.”


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