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For the Week of June 13, 2016
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Yesterday’s mass shooting in Orlando has brought back emotional memories for UC staff and students of gun violence earlier this month at UCLA and at UCSB in 2014. In the wake of the June 1 shooting, UCLA has announced plans to establish a gun violence research center. The state legislature is considering two proposals for funding such a center at UC.

not one more

UPTE executive board demonstrates against gun violence after 2014 Santa Barbara shootings

After the 2014 Santa Barbara shooting, UPTE’s executive board passed a motion urging UC to divest from gun profiteers, and to “examine whether the system’s $88 billion endowment contributes to more senseless destruction by being invested in companies that profit from gun violence, obstruct commonsense gun legislation, and fund the NRA. University endowments led the way in divesting from apartheid South Africa and should do so again in divesting from the gun industry.” E-board members also sent postcards of the UCSB campus to elected officials with the words “Not One More” written on them, part of a nationwide campaign.

Capital & Main carried a story on UC’s increasing reliance on out-of-state students and on AB1711, currently pending in the legislature. AB1711 would increase UC’s budget by $20 million, bringing the total budget to $26 billion, but would require UC to reverse its out-of-state admissions trend. Since 2010, in-state admissions have decreased by 7%, while out-of-state admissions have increased 108%. The bill sailed through the Assembly last week on a 78-2 vote, despite UC’s strong opposition.

And then, at the end of last week, legislative leaders and California Governor Jerry Brown reached agreement on a state budget that would, among many other things, increase UC’s funding by $144 million. But $19 million of that would be available only if UC enrolls at least 2,500 more California students and the regents adopt a policy that limits out-of-state admissions.

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