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For the Week of July 11, 2016
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We almost missed a Sacramento Bee article in late June about $158,000 the University spent to in response to a “scathing state audit” that claims UC’s “admissions policies had disadvantaged resident students.” Assemblymember Mike Gipson, the Democrat who requested the audit, said he was “outraged” by the spending on the campaign, and that it was representative of UC’s general approach to the audit: “damage control for damage they brought on themselves,” rather than considering its recommendations and doing business differently. Bernie CWA

In AlterNet, investigative journalist Alex Kotch reveals a plot by billionaire Charles Koch “to hijack universities across America” and turn the country “into a libertarian utopia free from taxes and regulation.” Hundreds of universities now have free-market centers funded by Koch, and a “giant network of interconnected libertarian academics who collaborate, shuffle between centers, promote each other’s work and make policy recommendations to lawmakers.”

“There is no question that the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign has changed American politics,” writes Gerard Di Trolio in AlterNet. It also has changed the labor movement, in that Sanders “legitimated the idea that members should have something to say about their union's decisions in politics." UPTE endorsed Sanders in August 2015, one of the first unions to do so, followed by the Communications Workers of America (UPTE’s international affiliate) the first large union to endorse Sanders after a three-month-long process that involved polling its members across the country. 

This weekend’s meeting of the Democratic Party’s platform committee has produced a draft that Sanders is calling “the most progressive platform in the party’s history,” reports the Guardian.

And today CWA endorsed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, according to The Hill. The move is likely in anticipation of Bernie Sanders’ first planned campaign rally with Clinton tomorrow at an event in New Hampshire, where speculation is rife that he will endorse her. CWA said in a statement that Clinton "has a solid record on the issues that are critical for working families: bargaining rights and the right to organize," while her Republican opponent “talks a good game about bad trade deals but manufactures his fancy ties offshore.”

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