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For the Week of October 24, 2016
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It’s no secret to anyone who’s not an executive at UC – which is to say, most of us – that inadequate wages put a lot of pressure on workers and their families. Now a study conducted by Occidental College has found that 45% of UC’s workers have gone hungry at times due to wages that don’t keep up with the costs of housing and food. The study found, among other things, that 80% had to choose between buying food or paying for utilities. As the Los Angeles Times reported, food insecurity among UC workers was even higher than among students.

UPTE Voter Guide 2016

The Sacramento Bee has added about 250,000 UC salaries to its state worker database. The database covers salaries up to 2015 and provides up to eight years of pay history.

There will be no shortage of funds for UC Merced, which is breaking ground on a $1.3 billion expansion.

Faculty at the 14 campuses of Pennsylvania state universities ended their strike after three days as they reached a tentative agreement with state university officials. The new contract provides raises for employees but also increases their share of health care costs.

In a decision that could have a seriously negative impact on public employee pensions, a California state appeals court in August ruled that employee pension plans could be changed mid-stream. The ruling reversed a decades-old precedent that guaranteed employees the pensions in effect on the day they were hired. The case is now pending before the California Supreme Court.

UPTE’s Voter Guide is out, giving the union’s recommendations on the November 8 ballot.  Some voters have already received mail ballots or are taking part in early voting. While the deadline to register in California has passed, you can check your registration status or find your polling place online. Remember, UC union contracts and personnel policy allow time off work for voting. Make sure you cast your vote!

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