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For the Week of February 06, 2017
“The ‘knowledge transfer sessions’ started a few months after Jeff Tan received notice last summer that he and about 80 co-workers would be laid off,” begins an article in the New York Times about the IT workers who are being forced to train their own overseas replacements by UCSF management. Fox News also covered the issue. The IT workers, who are particularly vulnerable because they do not have a union contract, gave testimony at the January regents’ meeting.

Although the courts have stayed Donald Trump’s action banning immigrants and refugees, the order is continuing to send shockwaves through higher education across the nation, according to the Huffington Post.

Following a statement last week from UC president Janet Napolitano and chancellors of the 10 UC campuses, the UC Davis chancellor and mayor of Davis issued a joint statement in support of the thousands of international students and faculty at UCD, emphasizing “shared principles of community.”

Japanese Americans against Muslin registry Photo by Maya Diamond
EdSource reports that there are about 149,000 international students in California, more than any other state. Of these, about 34,700 are at UC, or about 13 percent of the student body. Some estimates put the cost to US universities of Trump’s order at $700 million in revenue, while others expect it to be a major blow against universities. Four UC Irvine law professors have published an analysis of the groups of immigrants Trump’s policies will affect.

A Stanford student has joined with a UC Berkeley PhD student and a San Diego college student to sue Trump over the Muslim immigrant ban.  Trump is also threatening to deport undocumented students, the “Dreamers.” The New York Times looks at UC Merced’s efforts to create a safe space for these students.

The UC Berkeley speaking event last week of a white supremacist was cancelled after a raucous demonstration, covered by Berkeleyside, the San Francisco Chronicle, and others. UCB professor Robert Reich published his observations in Newsweek, while others wrote about how movements should respond. Afterward, Trump tweeted a threat to cut off UCB’s federal funds, which experts say he has no legal authority to do. UC receives about $9 billion from the federal government for research, health care and education, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The California Legislative Analyst’s Office has issued a report on how the state could help its college students get a degree without going into debt. It estimates the cost to be $3.3 billion annually.

A new UC report shows a steep drop in the number of execs who are pursuing lucrative moonlighting positions, in the wake of 2016’s scandal over UC Davis chancellor Linda Katehi. Katehi was suspended and subsequently resigned last year when she was found, among other ethics violations, to be serving on boards of a for-profit university and a textbook publisher.

Missed being part of the historic 1 million strong Women's March in Washington DC last month? The Guardian has provided a handy list of six upcoming national protests.

IT Workers at Regents Meeting
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