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For the Week of February 27, 2017
UCSF’s “decision to outsource IT work demonstrates the UC’s unwillingness not only to commit to labor rights, but also to its own values,” writes the Daily Bruin in an editorial. It “sets a troubling precedent for other campuses...”

In the aftermath of revelations last year that Wells Fargo had defrauded customers by opening bank accounts and assessing fees without their consent, the UC Davis Aggie reports that both UC and the city of Davis have rescinded Wells Fargo contracts worth hundreds of millions. The Afrikan Black Coalition, an alliance of black student unions at UC campuses, has engaged in a divestment campaign for the past two years.

UCLA sign
The regents have appointed Gary May as the new UC Davis chancellor. May is a UC Berkeley alum and former Georgia Institute of Technology engineering dean, whose “interest in science, technology, engineering and math was sparked by ‘Star Trek,’” noted the Los Angeles Times. He will be the only African American chancellor in the UC system.

As financial aid deadlines approach, the number of undocumented immigrant students applying for financial aid has dropped more than 40 percent, according to the California Financial Aid Commission.

The chancellor of the Cal State system pledged last week that campus police and legal staff will provide guidance and assistance to any students approached by immigration officials. An estimated 8,000 CSU students are undocumented.

An Indian graduate of a US university was shot dead this weekend in Kansas in what appears to be a hate crime, according to the Washington Post. Relatives of the slain man said they felt the shooting was due to “a climate of fear and xenophobia in America.” Hate crimes against international students have gone up since the election, writes the New York Times. Such students number over 1 million at US universities, and over 30,000 at the University of California.

A new California law banning state funds to be used for travel to states that discriminate against LGBT individuals has taken effect and is starting to bite.

An analysis about how hedge funds are undermining college and university endowments was published last week in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Such funds have lured public institutions like UC as state support has lessened.

Senate and House bills to expand Social Security were introduced on Feb. 16 by Vermont’s Bernie Sanders and Oregon Rep. Peter DeFazio. “The bills would increase benefits by about $1,300 a year for seniors now making less than $16,000 annually,” according to a Sanders press release, as well as remove the cap on payments made by people earning over $250,000 annually.

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