Monday Memo
For the Week of April 02, 2017

Cuts to the National Institutes of Health included in the Trump administration’s budget proposals will have dramatic effects on higher education, according to a report from Inside Higher Ed. Reducing overhead to grants, as suggested by the administration’s Health and Human Services secretary, will “have a very real impact” on scientific research on US campuses.

International undergraduate applications to UC for fall 2017 have fallen for the first time since the United States invaded Iraq, according to the San Francisco Chronicle – coinciding with the election of President Trump. Of particular note, applications from Mexico plunged 30 percent, and applications from countries with large numbers of Muslims were down 10 percent collectively.

That’s probably fine with the Orange County Register, which wants to see 80 percent of UC seats reserved for Californians. “We shouldn’t build a moat around UC campuses to keep out the non-Californians,” write the editors. “But neither should the University of California become the University of Everywhere Else.”

March for Science
Faculty members at Santa Fe Community College in New Mexico have voted 39–3 to form a union, reports Inside Higher Ed, with representation from the American Association of University Professors.

The confirmation of Labor Secretary nominee Alexander Acosta is heading to a vote, reports The Nation, even though “Acosta’s acquiescence to President Trump’s labor agenda holds frightful ... consequences for America’s workers....” Among other things, he is expected diminish the “Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) – putting millions of workers at greater risk.”

The historic March for Science is planned for Washington DC and many other cities on Saturday, April 22. UPTE members are preparing to join marches in several cities, and have made available a downloadable flyer, which you can share with your coworkers. For a color poster or button, contact your local.

Get set as well for May 1, which is celebrated as International Workers’ Day around the world. Recently, May 1 demonstrations in the US have been especially important for immigrants, who have turned out in huge numbers to support the rights of both workers and undocumented people. Labor Notes predicts a big May 1 this year, with hundreds of thousands to demonstrate, especially on the West Coast.

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