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For the Week of June 26, 2017

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#UPTEStrongA dramatic scene of UPTE members marching into a bargaining session at UCLA last Wednesday is making the rounds on social media. “UC’s bargainers could hear us coming and looked surprised,” said one participant. Marchers brought thousands of petitions demanding protection for quality jobs, research, health care and education, while around the state, their coworkers posted photos and words of support under the hashtag #UPTEStrong, many of which are on UPTE’s Facebook and Twitter pages. The Labor’s Edge blog and Workers Independent News (audio at lower right) covered the action.

UPTE members supporting their bargaining team

The Coalition of UC Faculty Associations is objecting to Governor Jerry Brown’s appointment of 4 UC regents, according to the Daily Bruin. “They’re a bunch of mostly millionaires,” said a CUCFA rep. “It’s not a group of people you would see that resembles those walking on a UC campus.”

Under Janet Napolitano, UC established a legal aid center for DACA students and then expanded its services last year. With the uncertainties created by Donald Trump’s assault on immigrants, demand for UC’s legal assistance for undocumented students has soared, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The Los Angeles Times reports that UC Riverside ranks first in the state and sixth in the nation for graduation rates of African-American students.

California’s legislation banning state-funded travel to states that discriminate against LGBT citizens went into effect earlier this year. Now California’s attorney general has added four more states to the ban, including Texas. That has left some in Texas wondering how the ban will affect college sports, especially when Texas is scheduled to host California teams.

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