Monday Memo

Monday Memo: Week of November 13, 2017

Two UC executives who resigned from the president’s office last week were involved in UC’s state audit interference, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. One executive directed campuses to alter their answers in the confidential state auditor’s survey to make UCOP look better. The other executive was his boss, who was copied on the emails. Emails the paper received “indicate that Napolitano was briefed on the reviews of campus survey responses.” The interference provoked angry rebukes from legislators.


Following an October Mercury News audit of UC campus contracts and learning “that at least some workers continue to make far less” than minimum wage, The California Aggie corroborated the Mercury assessment that “the [UC] system is doing a poor job of monitoring compliance.


Two years after Janet Napolitano announced that “the University of California would become the first public university in the country to voluntarily set a $15 minimum wage,” UC still lacks systems “to monitor university agreements related to independent contracting.” 

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