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Monday Memo: Week of March 19, 2018

The regents last week approved an increase of 3.5 percent, or about $980 per year, for out-of-state undergraduate students. This will bring the cost for out-of-state students to $42,000 per year, about triple what California residents pay. Another increase of 2.7 percent for California students is on the regents’ May agenda. The Daily Bruin editorializes that “California’s public universities aren’t all that public.”

The regents also voted to lower UC’s employer contribution to UCRP, our pension fund, from 15 percent to 14 percent because it expects a $30 million shortfall in funding from the state. You can listen to audio of the regents’ meeting courtesy of the UCLA Faculty Association.

The looming tuition increases led a bipartisan coalition of legislators to call for using a portion of California’s $6.1 billion budget surplus to boost funding for the state’s universities. The proposal would allocate $263 million to the CSU system and $197 million to UC. “We’ve got to fully fund the budget requests of the California State University system and the University of California,” said one lawmaker.

Union members at UCSD send a messageThat sentiment was echoed by the Orange County Register, which expressed alarm at declining rankings of UC campuses and called for greater investment in the state’s public university system.

UPTE’s Contract Action Watch is hot off the press, detailing what’s happening at the bargaining table for some 15,000 researcher, tech and health care professional employees. Read it, share it, post it: HTML | PDF.

The California Aggie reports that 14,000 student workers at the University of California systemwide are in negotiations with management for pay increases, protections for undocumented students, affordable housing, and other issues.

A UCLA graduate student has won a sexual harassment case against a history professor she says acted inappropriately over a five-year period. The student’s first complaint was ignored, and it took administrative reforms and a new campus Title IX officer before her second complaint was upheld.

The victorious West Virginia public education employees who went on strike last month to raise their pay are inspiring others in their region to use their labor power to win changes, reports West Virginia Public Broadcasting.

The Boston Globe reports that millennials and white collar professionals are bringing new life to the union movement. Last year, a third of the 262,000 new union members nationwide were professional or technical employees, and more than three-quarters were under the age of 35.


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