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Monday Memo: Week of March 26, 2018

#timesup for UC Berkeley misogynyFemale Informational Technology (IT) employees at UC Berkeley are fighting what an investigator found to be a “hostile working environment,” according to an opinion column in the student-run Daily Cal. Workers are circulating this petition saying that “time’s up” to deal with the situation.

Following on recent tuition increases at UC, the California State University system is also proposing to raise student tuition. Meanwhile, the Reclaim CA Higher Education Coalition has released an updated plan to return to quality tuition-free public colleges and universities for all: The $66 Fix. The coalition is made up of unions, student groups, faculty associations, and progressive organizations.

The state Supreme Court has ruled that UCLA had a duty to protect students from violence in classrooms, allowing a lawsuit to proceed filed by a student who was stabbed by a fellow student.

The student-run Triton reports on the racial and gender diversity of UC and other public higher educational institutions in the state, drawing from a new report, Left Out: How Exclusion in California’s Colleges and Universities Hurts Our Values, Our Students, and Our Economy. The report’s appendices give breakout data on diversity for each campus.

Students led the March for Our Lives in Washington, DC and in over 800 other locations worldwide, the New York Times reports, with a global turnout of over 1 million. Organizers are already planning another national school walkout for gun control on April 20.

Union growth is now coming from millennials and white-color workers, reports the Boston Globe. The report details how a third of the 262,000 new US union members were in professional or technical occupations, and most of those in the public sector. Additionally, over three-quarters of new members are under the age of 35.

Public sector unions in Tennessee don’t have collective bargaining rights, but when that state’s billionaire governor unveiled a plan that would have privatized services at most state facilities, including universities, that didn’t stop them. United Campus Workers union (an affiliate of UPTE’s national union, CWA), lead the fight and it’s an amazing story of what effective union organizing can do.


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