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For the Week of July 27, 2015

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The University of California system will raise the minimum wage it pays to workers and contractors from $13 an hour to $15, over a period of three years, reports the Washington Post. As the third largest employer in the state, the move is significant. California’s minimum wage is $9 an hour, while the federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. Fight for 15 activists have been pressuring employers across the nation to raise the minimum.
The Board of Regents also voted to give 15 of its highest-paid executives a 3 percent pay increase to keep up with inflation. This includes of five chancellors, the chiefs of the medical centers in San Francisco, San Diego and Davis, the UC provost, general counsel and principal investment strategist, and four other senior managers. The average pay for these not-so-minimum-wage workers will be $552,000 per year.

The UC Berkeley ASUC student union board of directors passed a motion to codify standards for ASUC employees in response to worker demands, reported the Daily Californian. ASUC usually hires contractors to operate restaurants and other business concessions in the student union, and the workers are considered employees of the contractors rather than the ASUC. They receive lower wages, few benefits, and have minimal job security. The board motion stated the long-term goal was to make all concession employees UC employees.

The Center for World University Rankings has rated UC Berkeley as the number one public university in the United States.
Fehr and Nakamura
Mike Fehr (UPTE-CWA) & Naomi Nakamura (AFSCME) win UCRS board election
UPTE’s newsletter, the Update just rolled off the press, and includes stories about how the latest state budget deal jeopardizes our pensions, to the union activists who were elected to the pension board by a landslide, to some serious Cal/OSHA violations by UC’s chemistry departments. Check it out in the UPTE Update archive – share with friends and colleagues!

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