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For the Week of November 23, 2015

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One-fifth of UC employees are considering leaving the university this year, according to an internal survey, reports the Daily Bruin. On top of that, a quarter said the issue causing them to leave would be flat pay combined with increased responsibilities and workload. A UCOP employee relations spokesperson said she hoped results from the survey “will encourage participation in university issues.” Susan Orlofsky, a senior editor at UC San Diego School of Medicine and an UPTE administrative professional, told the Monday Memo: “The only cure for these problems is electing union representation.” She said, “If you haven’t yet, sign a card for UPTE, and ask your coworkers to do the same.”

On Thursday the UC regents approved a plan to increase California student enrollment by 5,000 next year, and by 10,000 by fall 2018, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. Also, as of next fall, new out-of-state students will no longer qualify for financial aid. Tuition is to be kept flat until 2017, when increases will be “pegged to inflation.” The regents also agreed to “double the size of the Merced campus,” reports the San Jose Mercury News.
Susan Orlofsky
Susan Orlofsky, Senior Editor at UCSD

A word of dissent comes from UCLA Daily Bruin columnist Casey Kovarik, who says “the current student population already faces difficulty on campus” and UC should “focus on creating better conditions for the students it has...”

And for a behind-the-scenes look at the plan, along with changes to how UC will run its health care plans and the finances of the UC Retirement Plan’s internal borrowing, see a blog post by UCLA history professor Michael Meranze at Remaking the University.

A Daily Bruin editorial calls on the University of California to adopt a policy that limits executive pay,” following the lead of the California State University Board of Trustees – which “officially codified a pay policy for executives.” Asserting that “UC has a bad track record when it comes to executive pay,” the editorial notes that “[a]dministrative growth continues outpacing faculty growth,” and “the number of people making at least $500,000 at the UC increased by 14 percent in the last year.”


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