Union Builder Communicator: November 14, 2006
GAO Audit of UC
On UPTE-CWA's request, the federal government's General Accounting Office will perform a review of where research dollars designated for staff are spent at several key universities around the country, including the University of California . The audit request was made by Representatives Woolsey and Honda after they met with UPTE-CWA legislative activists, who explained how UC cannot keep or recruit quality researchers because it diverts money away from our raises.

UC HX Pay Proposal
More than 4 months after the initial expiration date of our HX contract, UC has finally put a comprehensive pay proposal on the table. The proposal does include a step pay plan, but its compensation plan does not bring our pay to anywhere near market rates. Members will need to make clear to their managers and medical center CEOs that without adequate pay increases, UC will be unable to keep staff.

Pension Bargaining Cancelled
In its rush to reinstitute employee contributions to the pension plan, UC violated laws requiring a public presentation of its proposals. Several community and university groups have filed unfair labor practice charges against UC. Our union coalition bargaining team has postponed the next bargaining session until UC fulfils its obligations to "sunshine" its proposals.

Impact of Election Results
The biggest change for us will be on the federal level. Democrats will now control the committees which impact much of our funding and policy, such as Science, Commerce and Appropriations. This will give the union an opportunity to advocate for more support for research and to better defend the rights of our members at the national labs (Lawrence Berkeley, Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos). On the state level, we will continue to struggle with anti-union appointments to state agencies made by Governor Schwartzenegger. We will continue to work with legislators to hold UC accountable through bills and its budget. If you have not signed up to make voluntary contributions to UPTE's political action fund, please do so now so we can start to prepare for 2008!

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