Union Builder Communicator: November 28, 2006
Health Care Speak Out
UPTE-CWA health care professional members (HX unit) will describe to the press and the public how UC staff policies endanger the quality of health care. Each member will give specific examples on how UC's staff-unfriendly policies affect patient care, especially given the complicated procedures performed at UC medical centers. The testimonies will be placed on our website for public review within a few weeks. All health care members are encouraged to participate.

Pension Education and Bargaining
Union members across the UC system are signing postcards to the regents, legislators and UC administrators as part of a campaign to preserve our pensions. You can arrange a detailed power point presentation for you and your co-workers that clarifies UC's proposals for retirement, retiree and health benefits. We hope that all members will place a 'Quality Staff Deserve Quality Benefits ' poster in their workplaces to show support for the union's campaign to maintain our benefits.

UPTE's bargaining team has agreed to meet with UC on November 29 and December 7. UC's refusal to provide information on why it believes employees should make contributions to the retirement fund, or how such contributions would fit into UC's overall remuneration strategic plan will be a major subject of debate. Failure to provide this information to the union violates the law. A report from the first day of bargaining has been posted on UPTE's website.

Who is a member?
While everyone pays a "fair share fee"for representation and receives the protection of our union contract, only those who have joined UPTE have member rights and benefits. UC's high turnover rate (over 30% annually in many cases) means that many of our colleagues have not had the opportunity to join. UC does not distribute union membership forms with other benefit forms in the initial hiring process, so we need to speak to each individual new employee to sign them up.

Our union counts on you to help. Our staff will provide you with the names of any new employees in your area. You can even get recruitment incentive prizes for signing up new members.

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