Union Builder Communicator: September 25, 2009

What A Strike & Walkout!
The enthusiasm and determination was overwhelming! The staff/student/faculty unity sent an incredible message to Yudof that we reject his vision of a University at the service of corporate profit instead of public service. Such an incredible day of action at the beginning of the school year portends a powerful movement.

Here are links to some of the widespread press coverage:

In the next two weeks we will launch our media campaign against Yudof and his policies that will include advertising in the Oakland and Sacramento airports, a freeway billboard between the Oakland Airport and Office of the President and much more. We will post links and pictures as soon as they are available.

The day after this incredible demonstration of popular protest, we have two challenges:
  1. How do we get more of our members, many of whom are on grant and medical centers funds and are not being cut, more involved in this movement?

  2. What is our next action that pushes for a conclusion of our TX/RX contract negotiations and supports our goal of defending the public mission of UC?
We have a mobilizing meeting this Sunday to assess the Day of Action and prepare future plans. We also have our annual convention coming up October 16-18. We will have creative and productive discussions that all campuses are encouraged to participate in.

Also, we have the UPTE on-line forum where we can jointly discuss our evaluation of our strike and future plans.

We have TX/RX bargaining for the next three weeks. We are filing new unfair labor practice charges against the temporary layoffs. We hope that the strike, legal action, and massive broader movement will bring UC to the bargaining table in serious way to settle our contract.

HX Negotiations
Despite the medical centers making $100’s millions in profit, Yudof is insisting on no raises for anyone for several years, in addition to pay cuts for the pension plan, health benefits and parking. Our first step in building a campaign is education of our members about the money that is available for raises and to what extent our salaries below market pay.

The student health center health care professionals continue to receive the worst deal. UC wants to impose furloughs and layoffs on them. This only adds insult to the injury of dramatically lower pay than their medical center colleagues.

UC’s new chief negotiator with our HX team came attempting to bully our team but is being pushed back by the superb and numerous presentations from dedicated HX activists that have attended bargaining.

Administrative Professional Organizing
Many administrative professionals are taking the brunt of Yudof’s furlough and layoff solution. Without a union contract, administrative professionals are at the whim of the Office of the President’s downsizing campaign.

Now is the time for us to move aggressively in building a union with our administrative professionals. We saw from the walkouts on September 24 that working together has a much greater impact than working on your own. Have your co-workers sign a commitment card. Sign-up for training on how to talk to them about building a union. Let’s seize the opportunity.  

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