Union Builder Communicator: February 25, 2010
TX/RX Contract Tentative Agreement!
The UPTE-CWA TX/RX team achieved a tentative agreement with UC for a five year contract that covers 2008 to 2013. A summary of the contract and the actual TX and RX contract language is available for members. The contract includes good base pay increases over the next three years but less job security than we would have liked. The raises are not dependent on the state budget for the first time. UPTE-CWA was able to fix the possible pension, health benefits and parking rate increases. The agreement also includes improvements on our health and safety provisions which became even more important with the death of a staff research associate at UCLA.

Contract explanation conference calls will be held today (2/25) at 7PM and tomorrow (2/26) at 12 noon. The toll free call in number is: (877) 402-9753; Access code: 8032238. The announcement of the March 15-19 contract ratification vote will be sent out later this week.

If you have any questions regarding the contract please contact your campus bargainer or the UPTE-CWA chief negotiator Kevin Rooney. If you wish to discuss the tentative agreement with fellow UPTE-CWA members, log into the UPTE webforum.

UC Union Coalition Calls For Action To Support Public Education on March 4
Statement from coalition: “Participate in actions on March 4 at UC campuses, in Sacramento and in the community to defend higher education and public education in general. Our future, the state’s future, depends on affordable and accessible public education. Take action to build a strong movement.”

A list of actions in each location is available at UC-AFT's website. UPTE-CWA has endorsed these actions and the overall movement to defend public education.

Ballot Initiative To Break Sacramento Deadlock
UPTE-CWA has endorsed and encourages our members to sign a ballot initiative that will change the 2/3’s requirement to proceed on all budget and revenue decisions in the state legislature.

California is one of only three states with this super majority requirement. This anti-democratic system has created legislative grid lock that has held up any real solutions to the state’s budget crisis. The minority of conservatives who oppose adequate support for education and other public services have held the budget process hostage for years. We have been left with the decision of teaching our kids, caring for the elderly or feeding the poor--impossible decisions.

Read up on the ballot initiative. Sign the petition. Get your friends, family and co-workers to sign the petition.

Labor Notes Conference

UPTE-CWA will send two union builders to the 2010 Labor Notes conference April 23-25, 2010 in Detroit. This is a learning and member-oriented conference for progressive labor activists from all over the country and internationally. Activists from the public sector to auto and airlines will attend. Please indicate in your raffle entry if you wish to attend the conference. Two candidates will be selected randomly. All expenses will be paid for those selected.

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