Union Builder Communicator: June 29, 2011
AP Campaign Preparations
We met our first major hurdle of having 2000 administrative professionals sign a “commitment card” that they support UPTE-CWA. With 2000 supporters in hand we have gone to our national union (CWA) for support to launch our signature drive for unionization.

Our national union is now working with us to put all final resources in place. They will conduct another phone/web survey to gauge support and identify burning issues. We will recruit and train many more activists to speak to their co-workers about forming a union – we need 100’s more, can you help? Activists are having their photos taken and submitting quotes about why they want a union. These will be used for future literature as well as electronic media. We hope to collect the first signatures in August.

UC Attack on UPTE-CWA & AFSCME Union Leaders
UC labor relations wants to force our union leaders back onto their full-time UC jobs so they cannot effectively do their duties as union leaders. Both UPTE-CWA and AFSCME have a commitment to having actual employees as elected leaders. When our leaders must live with the same wages and working conditions as all our members, we have both greater accountability and legitimacy … and UC knows that.

UC has refused to issue further leaves for union business for:
UPTE-CWA: Jelger Kalmijn (systemwide president), Kevin Rooney (TX/RX coordinator, San Francisco president), Carolan Buckmaster (San Diego president), Gladys Ramsey (Irvine president)
AFSCME: Lakesha Harrison (president), Julian Posada (executive vice-president), Gail Price (secretary-treasurer), Maricruz Manzanares (Berkeley board member)

We are pressuring UC through the legislature to stop this union busting. We will pressure the Regents as well. UC wants to force us into an arbitration which we believe we can win but possibly not soon enough to forestall many of us from having to return to full UC jobs.

We should not have to arbitrate what has been a long-standing practice. UC labor relations has deliberately escalated their union-busting in preparation for our bargaining of pension and benefits next year.

Bulletin Coming With Pay Information
A new printed bulletin will come out in the next couple weeks to explain the many changes affecting our pay, namely pay increases, pension contributions, lump sum payments. Please be prepared to distribute this bulletin to the UPTE-CWA members in your area. Also we need to sign up any employees in our bargaining units that have not yet joined. UPTE-CWA staff can let you know the names of non-members in your work area.

Organize Benefits/Pension Discussion In Your Workplace
With UC preparing for very significant changes to our pension and benefits, we need to educate ourselves and our co-workers. This summer we are asking all UPTE-CWA zone contacts to organize a discussion with members in their area. We have prepared a power point presentation to guide the discussion.

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