Union Builder Communicator: March 27, 2013
All Out For Benefits & Pay On April 4
Our contracts are all expiring or already expired. Now is the time to show UC we care about our pay and benefits. The current negotiations for all the UPTE bargaining units as well as other unions at UC will determine our future for the rest of our careers at UC. The lack of any real wage increases compounded with pay cuts to make pension contributions affect us all immediately. The relegation of employees to second and third class post-employment benefits will divide us for the rest of our careers.

What can you do as a zone contact? Participate in the April 4 Day of Action at your campus. If you have not signed up, you can do so at our action sign-up page or with your local UPTE staff. Even if you can only attend for a short time, come show your support for a fair contract (and get some lunch).

What else can you do? Bring your co-workers! Here is a flyer you can print out for them. Ask them to sign up and make a commitment to come.

Want more information on UC’s proposals for the pension. UPTE has recently issued a pension information brochure.
AT&T Workers Overwhelmingly Reject Contract With Even More Benefits & Pay Tiers
The nearly 20,000 CWA members at AT&T in California and Nevada voted to reject a tentative agreement that set up a third tier and did not adequately address inequities in pay and benefits. AT&T has made record profits and generously rewarded its executives but wants to squeeze workers. The company feels compelled to make even more profit through more concessions.

The reasonable standard of living we have won on the shoulders of union struggles over the past century are being precipitously eroded. The life style we have taken for granted of affording a home, time off and retirement after a long career can no longer be assumed.

Despite the recommendation from the national union, the bargaining committee recommended a “no” vote. The members agreed with the committee and sent the company back to the bargaining table. A strike may be required to achieve the members’ objectives.

The issues at stake mirror those for UPTE-CWA members at UC. We cannot afford to let our fellow union members lose. If a strike happens, we need to make an all out effort to support picket lines before and after work.

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This e-publication was prepared by UPTE-CWA President Jelger Kalmijn. Contact him if you have any questions or comments.
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