Union Builder Communicator: February 09, 2015
Can You Afford Health Benefits When You Retire?
Calculate how much your health benefits will cost when you retire using the UPTE-CWA online calculator. You may be shocked into the realization that you may have to work longer than you planned.

Most employees will suffer an increase in their monthly benefits premium if they retire before the age of 65, sometimes as much as three times as high. And this increase will come as we are aging and likely to require more medical support, itself costing more due to increasing co-pays.

My monthly costs would increase from $153 to $425. That means that more than 10% of my take home pension would go to health care costs. I would have to go back to work part-time instead of enjoying my well-deserved retirement after 35 years of UC service.

With my pension hit by these medical benefits costs, I would struggle to pay my mortgage, contribute to my daughters’ college funds or buy my own food. I would have to choose to let one of these go or find more income.

Go to the calculator and then fill your information in UPTE’s survey. Tell us what will happen to you in your retirement scenario. We are collecting individual stories because they say so much more than numbers.

UPTE 2015 Priorities and Training
Expect a call from your UPTE-CWA staff in the next couple months to get a briefing on our priorities for this year. Our annual convention passed resolutions and hosted presentations on protecting retiree health benefits, re-funding higher education and membership growth. The briefing will provide all the details so you can keep UPTE-CWA members in your work area informed.

You will receive the UPTE-CWA bulletin to hand out to your co-workers (it is currently in press). It includes a summary of the information in the briefing.

Come To Sacramento for Higher Education!
A historic coalition of unions, students and faculty from all three higher education systems in California has embarked on a campaign to re-fund the University of California, California State University and California’s Community Colleges for the future. The decades of de-funding have jeopardized not only our jobs and educational opportunities for our families, but the economic and social well being of the state.

The governor has proposed a plan that assumes cuts will preserve UC if it returns to the promise of affordability. While we agree that administrative efficiency and executive bloat at all state universities merit review, the damage inflicted by state budget cuts to higher education is inescapable.

Only a concerted and long-term funding plan that starts with this year’s budget and develops into a strategic structural funding change such as a ballot proposition will rescue our once-enviable higher education systems from mediocrity and elitism.

Come to Sacramento with us on March 5 and explain to your legislators why funding higher education matters (all expenses paid by UPTE). Sign-up for this important lobby day as soon as possible. Contact Rodney Orr if you have any questions.

Our community college members are also convening in Sacramento on February 25 and March 2 to advocate for office hour funding. You can sign-up on line for these lobby efforts.

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This e-publication was prepared by UPTE-CWA President Jelger Kalmijn. Contact him if you have any questions or comments.
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