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May 09, 2017
URGENT ACTION: Support anti-offshoring bill AB 848
(please do this before 9am tomorrow, 5/10/17)
(1) Support anti-offshoring bill today!
Please click here to send an email to the CA State Assembly Appropriations Committee to pass our bill (AB 848) to stop the offshoring of our IT jobs. The 96 IT jobs at UC San Francisco that were offshored a couple of months ago will cost UC millions of dollars and threaten the lives of patients at this cutting edge medical center. UC failed to include the expense of fixing the already bulging backlog of IT work and the effort required to fix the mistakes made by off-site IT staff not familiar with medical center’s requirements. UC claims this will save $30 million over 5 years.

Click here to encourage the appropriations committee to stop this harmful and costly offshoring.

Once the bill passes this committee, it will go to the full Assembly for a vote, then the Senate and finally to the Governor for signature. Please stay tuned and support this important UPTE bill.

(2) Bargaining petition now
Our bargaining teams are meeting with UC for the first time to negotiate our contract this week. Show your support for our bargaining demands by getting all your co-workers in UPTE to sign our petition by the end of the week.

(3) ZC webinar/web dialog skipping May
Our next zone contact web dialog will be on June 14 at noon and 7PM.

This e-publication was prepared by UPTE-CWA President Jelger Kalmijn. Contact him if you have any questions or comments.

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