We're ready to strike in solidarity!
OUR COWORKERS, represented by AFSCME 3299, have called for a strike authorization vote among service and patient care members. If they vote “YES,” UPTE members are planning to strike in solidarity. The state Public Employment Relations Board has ruled that we can legally honor our coworkers’ strike just as we did in 2013, because our contracts have expired.

In 2013, when UC made unacceptable proposals to AFSCME on pension and other issues, we struck in solidarity. Several strikes that year forced UC to back down, and also won AFSCME 13.5% plus annual steps for service workers and 16.5% plus annual steps for patient care workers, as well as new staffing protections.

help to bolster others – that’s one reason why UPTE, AFSCME, and CNA members all still enjoy the right to begin retirement at age 50 and maximize our benefits at age 60.

If we don’t stand together once again, UC will continue clawing back everything that we’ve fought to protect over our careers.

None of us wants to strike and be taken away from our important work with patients, research, students, or academics. If there’s a strike, it will be because UC has forced it to happen. Contact your local UPTE staff or zone contact if you haven’t already signed a strike pledge, or sign online. Strike dates will be set after AFSCME’s vote – stay tuned!
Ready to strike-UCSF

Ready to strike-UCSD
Ready to strike-UCSC, UCD, UCB
Ready to strike-UCDMC, UCD, UCSD


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