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What will your UC health benefits cost after you retire?                
In bargaining we want to improve the current benefits.  
We need your information to help us achieve meaningful improvements.  
Please fill out the information below and then enter the result in our survey website.  
Remember you don't get any retiree health benefits if you meet any of the follow conditions:  
* You leave UC before age 50 if hired before 12/20/13 or before 55 if hired after 12/20/13  
* You cash out your pension    
* You don't retire within 120 days after leaving UC  
* You have less than 10 years service    
Fill in the yellow fields to get an estimate of what your retiree health benefits will cost  
Hire date :   There is a big difference if you were hired after 12/20/13.  
Your insurance plan:
  If you live outside California, you must choose UC Care.  
Your coverage:
Your annual pay:  
Years of service now:   Less than 10 years of service means no benefit  
Age now:  
Projected Retirement Age:   Younger 50 is no benefit if hired before 12/20/13. Younger than 55 is no benefit if hired after 12/20/13)
Monthly average co-pays for meds & doctor:   Estimate this for yourself. Co-pays are usually $20 but can be much more. Doctor visit is usually $20
Your estimated costs    
  You Pay UC Pays  
Now as employee  
Retirees before age 65  
After age 65 (medicare eligible)  
If part of your family is under 65 and part over 65, the costs will be between the two retiree categories listed above.  
Important Note: These estimates are all based on costs in 2015. These may increase considerably before you retire.  
Important Note 2: These calculations assume the cheapest medicare. If you make more, the costs may be higher.  
We want to know what your costs will be!  
Please fill in your results in our survey  
If you will not receive any benefits, please fill out the form appropriately.  
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