MSJC Contract Agreement Summary

2021-2022 Academic Year Reopener Tentative Agreement for MSJC Associate Faculty

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 6.5% raises to all steps retroactive to July 1, 2022.  These raises represent the highest single raise for part-time faculty and more than three times the original offer of 2% by MSJC.

  •       One-time off-schedule payment of $661.00 for each part-time faculty members still with the district in-lieu of retroactive to January 2022. The district has never before provided associate faculty retroactive pay or other compensation for missed raises, marking a significant victory for Associate Faculty.
  •       Extensive lab paid at lecture rate: Beginning Spring 2023 faculty members teaching extensive labs in the sciences will be paid at lecture rates as opposed to lab rates because of additional preparation and delivery required.
  •     Participatory Governance Committee service stipend of $250.  Faculty members must attend 75% of meetings as evidenced from meeting minutes. This is a victory for allowing Associate Faculty to more fully participate in shared governance.
  •       Breaks for non-teaching faculty: Two paid 15-minute breaks and an unpaid 30-minute lunch break when working 6 or more hours. This guarantees faculty members are given appropriate breaks as required by law and ensures a mechanism for enforcement should supervisors fail to provide them.

 An Important Victory Sets the Stage for Full-Contract Bargaining:

The above victories were won within the limited bargaining of our contract reopener for only the 2021-2022 Academic Year.  This victory sets the stage for Associate Faculty to fight for more in our upcoming full contract bargaining beginning this month.  Please Save the Date – Full Contract Bargaining October 31st, 5:30PM

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